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With technology at the helm of transformation, we, at Amnet, have fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration. Our technology team brings in decades of experience creating digital solutions for the publishing industry. Combining our digital and domain expertise and business knowledge that are underpinned by a customer-first approach, we offer reliable solutions that help you create and distribute content.

Our Products


BookOA is a web-based book editing and production tool that offers end-to-end publishing workflow management.


A full-featured modern publishing platform designed to digitize content publishing including journals, micropublications, preprints and more.

Our Services

Our services enable you to take advantage of new-age digital platforms that bring together a host of products, applications, data analytics, and editorial services under one roof. This allows you to comprehensively manage and optimize the publishing workflow and create and distribute digital content across a range of systems and devices. Our services enable you to maximize revenue through digital publication of high-quality, rich, and interactive resources while reducing time to market and publishing cost substantially, thus helping you in turn to drive incremental business value.

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