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How to Share Your Research in Open Access

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Many authors still have doubts about the open access (OA) model and OA publishing quality. Studies have found that OA status is positively correlated to research impact. With a larger audience that can easily get a copy of your research, it is in your best interest to know how you can work with OA the right way.

Where to find OA research?

Tools like Web of Science, Master Journal List, and Journal Citation Reports help to find freely accessible papers from reputable sources. The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) provides a list of all trustworthy OA journals. Manuscript Matcher and Think.Check.Submit help you find a journal for your research. PubMed Central is a database of OA articles. ROAD is a search engine for OA. The scholarly community can understand the benefits of OA by going through the contributions in these tools.

How to choose the right journal?

OA journals publish only OA articles, hybrid journals work on both subscription and OA business models, and predatory journals prey upon unaware authors. Check out our previous blog “How to verify the open access status and quality of a journal?” for more information. Read the instructions for authors in the chosen journal before you submit your article. Check for OA, embargo, fees, copyrights, and licenses.

How to publish with OA?

There are many ways to publish your research with OA.

Preprints can be submitted to preprint servers without affecting their potential to be published in a journal.

Green OA lets the author archive postprints in institutional repositories. Besides this, some subscription journals allow free access and reuse rights after an embargo period.

Bronze OA articles are not licensed as OA but are free to read.

Gold OA is the true OA where authors/funders bear the article processing charges (APCs), whereas, in Diamond/Platinum OA, the publishers pay them.

What to pay?                 

There is no payment at the time of submission. Authors have to pay the APC only when they accept the manuscript. Many OA journals do not charge anything. When they do, only 12 percent of the time do authors have to pay the APC on their own. It is usually covered by their funders or institutions. Waivers and discounts are also available for authors from certain countries or financial backgrounds. The APC is lesser than the publication charges in subscription journals.

How to promote?                              

Sharing and promoting your article fosters the exchange of research and gains you recognition and citations. Share responsibly, knowing your limitations. List the DOI of all your publications on ScienceDirect to make them easy to find. Scholarly Collaboration Network is also a good platform to share. The Can I Share It lookup tool lets you check the access and usage rights of an article.

Check out our blog section for more information on OA myths and doubts. Good luck with your OA publications!

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