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About EnableOA

Embrace Digital Disruption and Advance Scholarly Publishing

The unprecedented growth of the internet has revolutionized information sharing. With the democratization of content, it has now become easy to access research findings, journals, and other academic content that can help advance collaboration and innovation across domains. As scholarly and academic publishing continue to evolve in the face of technology disruption, open access (OA) publishing has emerged to be central in supporting and encouraging knowledge sharing and research and development.

The importance of the open access system was strongly felt by the research community in recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Open communication with peers working on similar subjects greatly reduces redundancy and increases efficiency. Viable funding models help maintain traditional peer review processes while relieving readers of the financial burden and helping them research further research. The open access system is gradually becoming the norm, with many open access journals and preprint sites gaining recognition. OA publications deliver significant advantages and help create a far greater impact when compared to non-OA publications.

Amnet EnableOA

Make research and journal publishing easier and transparent by embracing changes and using Amnet EnableOA to streamline scholarly publishing and enhance collaboration and readers’ experience.

Amnet has partnered with the Coko Foundation to develop a state-of-the-art open access publishing framework. With this, we aim to offer a comprehensive digital publishing platform to the scholarly community. An easy-to-use open source platform, with a host of smart, modular, and flexible features, is designed to help you adopt a digital-first approach in creating, managing, and distributing content in various formats and across channels. The framework offers an entire ecosystem of resources and tools to enable publishers customize and optimize publishing workflow as per their needs. The solution is built to help publishers embrace technology, gain complete control over publishing lifecycle, reduce creation time, and accelerate speed-to-market.

Why EnableOA

  • Create, Manage, and Distribute content from a single framework
  • Easy to use open source system
  • Collaborative system where all stakeholders can engage in the same platform
  • HTML based peer review and proofing
  • Web based editorial environment
  • CSS based pagination
  • Push button export to multiple deliverable formats – JATS, PDF and EPUB


Partner with Amnet to realize the full potential of digital technology and harness the power of innovative publishing platforms.