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Amnet and Coko Foundation


Powering the Future of Publishing

Amnet and the Coko Foundation have collaborated to advance open access publishing and streamline content delivery for publishers. Together, Amnet and Coko have developed a state-of-the-art open source journal and editorial platform that offers smart publishing workflow tools to create, manage, and distribute academic content across multiple digital channels. Amnet has made a substantial investment over the years in building technology capabilities to align its skills and competencies with publishing market trends. Our suite of offerings provide end-to-end publishing and accessibility services and solutions to publishers across domains and content aggregators. Coko’s extensive product development and publishing technology expertise is complemented by Amnet’s extensive publishing experience, business knowledge, global engagement models, and delivery processes. Our collaboration is aimed at accelerating digital-first adoption and modernizing publishing across the scholarly community with next-generation publishing solutions.

The Amnet-Coko Advantage

Expand Reach

Optimized workflow management and easy-to-use smart features backed by comprehensive support help simplify creation and distribution of digital content, accelerate time to market, and ensure wider reach.

Optimize Cost

Modern publishing platform helps realize the potential of digital technologies, breaks traditional publishing barriers, improves scalability, and reduces associated costs.

Enhance Publication

End-to-end publishing solutions offer a host of applications that help leverage machine learning, data analytics, and digital-first workflow management to optimize and contextualize publication as per consumption and reading patterns.

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