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Best Practices in
Journal Publishing

The world of journal publishing is witnessing constant innovation in workflow and technology. There has been an exponential increase in academic research, especially open access (OA). Alongside, there come several challenges and questions related to the dynamic and complex publishing ecosystem.

From preprint to publishing, how does it work? What are the associated costs or available discounts in journal selection? How important are data inclusion and repositories in tech-enhanced OA publishing?

To address these questions and concerns from a publisher’s perspective and discuss several aspects of OA publishing, Amnet conducted an informative webinar: “Best Practices in Journal Publishing: Technology-Enabled, not Technology-Led,” presented by Martin Delahunty, OA publishing expert. This webinar was moderated by Frances Daniele, director of accessibility and key relationships, Amnet.

What to Expect from the Webinar

This free-to-attend webinar discussed the following:

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About the Speaker

Martin Delahunty is the director of Inspiring STEM Consulting and publishing advisor at Amnet. He is a highly experienced professional in the publishing domain and in open access, with global expertise in public and private STEM publishing companies. He is the former global director of Nature Partner Journals; past secretary of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals; and a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.

About Graymatters

GRAYMATTERS Webinar Series is Amnet’s initiative to bring together diverse voices and perspectives of industry pioneers and leaders to nurture and nourish the publishing ecosystem.

Company Director of Inspiring STEM Consulting and Publishing Advisor at Amnet