BookOA: End-to-end book publishing workflow


Produce Format-Flexible and Standards-Compliant Content

Amnet, in collaboration with Coko, has developed a digital publishing tool “BookOA” to optimize open access publishing. BookOA is a web-based book editing and production tool that offers end-to-end publishing workflow management. From styling, reviewing, proofreading, to typesetting and production, gain control over the entire production process through a simple browser-based system.

BookOA powered by Editoria, is a comprehensive publishing tool that offers easy and customizable publishing workflow management. With BookOA you can create, package, and produce format-flexible and standards-compliant content for publishing.

BookOA is an elegant and intuitive online tool that breaks conventional barriers, thus making it convenient for authors to prepare and publish their content using simple and easy-to-use features. It is aimed at advancing digital scholarly publication through comprehensive publishing workflow management.

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