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Enhance Publishing Workflow for Journals and Micropublishing

OA presents a tremendous opportunity to reach a wider audience, accelerate discovery, and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing that significantly benefits the overall scholarly community and society at large. According to a Springer Nature report, OA scholarly publications not only had higher visibility but also 50 percent more citations than non-OA publications. While the OA movement has been gaining momentum, it is still in its nascent stages. For greater adoption, the community needs a modern OA publishing platform that is scalable and easy to use.

Amnet, through its collaboration with Coko, has developed an OA publishing platform ReachOA, which is aimed at addressing present publishing challenges and at helping the scholarly community do more with less. Our focus is to offer the best open access tools for the scholarly community the world over and to help members explore the potential of digital publications and open access publication take advantage of them. ReachOA powdered by kotahi, is a full-featured modern publishing platform designed to digitize content publishing including journals, micropublications, academic journals, publish research papers, preprints and more. Its range of rich features and optimized workflow simplify the end-to-end process, making it easy for authors to create, review, revise, and publish their works.

ReachOA, a contemporary publishing system, is designed to enhance the publishing workflow through a host of flexible and user-friendly features that include:

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About ReachOA

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Our Services

Academic Journals

Amnet supports manuscript submission, peer review, and acceptance. We also offer journal-specific auto-structuring of manuscripts, content enrichment, transformation, and delivery in various formats such as XML, HTML, PDF, EPUB.

Peer Review

Peer-review-management services to optimize cost and resource utilization. We offer a user-friendly browser-based peer-review module to support various requirements: blind, double blind, and open review.


We offer end-to-end journal production preprints in the humanities (economics, communication, education, banking, risk management, etc.) and in STEM fields (medical, health care, technical, mathematics).

Scholarly Publishing

We offer a wide range of publishing solutions with optimized workflow and project management services to create, review, revise, and publish in scholarly journals.


Digitize your content publishing for micropublications with our multichannel, open-source platform for an improved author and reviewer experience while optimizing cost and time.

Scientific publishing

Amnet offers editorial and prepress solutions such as copyediting, typesetting, and final deliverables for journals in the life sciences, clinical/medical, neuroscience, health, and environmental areas.

Whitepaper: The Future of Scholarly Publishing: Open Access (OA) Publishing

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