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Digitization is dramatically reshaping the educational publishing industry and paving the way for new publishing models and value chains. Emerging applications of technology are breaking down conventional barriers between market segments. To keep pace with this rapidly evolving landscape, academic publishers need to build agility, adapt their business models for digital publishing, and expedite time to market.

We, at Amnet, drawing on our two decades of experience working with over 500 clients in the world of publishing, have built in-depth industry knowledge. We thoroughly understand the industry dynamics, its changing requirements, and the need for greater responsiveness and cost-efficiency. Our comprehensive portfolio of publishing services is designed to help publishers effortlessly meet new and demanding market imperatives while ensuring optimum ROI.

Our long-term relationship with our clients demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ success and value-based delivery. Amnet’s team is equipped to manage work of any scale and volume. By partnering with us, you can accelerate digital transformation and tap into newer opportunities created by the disruption of the education publishing ecosystem.

Our services enable you to take advantage of new-age digital platforms that bring together a host of products, applications, data analytics, and editorial services under one roof. This allows you to comprehensively manage and optimize the publishing workflow and create and distribute digital educational content across a range of systems and devices. Our services enable you to maximize revenue through digital publication of high-quality, rich, and interactive resources while reducing time to market and publishing cost substantially, thus helping you in turn to drive incremental business value.

Our services can be bundled and customized to meet your business-specific and scalability requirements.

Benefits of Technabled Services

Project Management

Ensure editorial excellence, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth by leveraging our end-to-end project management services.


We offer editorial services that polish and elevate your content to touch your audience.

Peer Review

Optimize cost and resource utilization using Amnet's peer review management services


Capture attention, appeal to your target market, and drive your sales through beautiful book designs.

Content Enrichment

Enrich your content to add value, achieve strategic business goals, and increase user experience.


We blend advanced technology and professional expertise to offer a full range of composition services for publisher


Amnet provides a comprehensive suite of web accessibility services that remediates existing content but also creates born-accessible content.


Amnet helps organizations conceptualize and build perfect eLearning solutions for their global needs.