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Embracing a Digital-First Approach in Academic Publishing

There is a paradigm shift powered by digital disruption that is underway in the academic publishing landscape. To adapt and respond to the changing market trends, the scholarly community needs scalable, modular, and cost-effective technology solutions that can help them stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

Modernizing academic publishing demands collaboration with service providers who understand market dynamics and can offer custom technology-driven solutions to enhance the publishing of and access to educational resources in a digital environment.

Advancing Digital Publishing

Partner with Amnet to realize the full potential of digital technology and harness the power of innovative publishing platforms. We offer tailored solutions designed to help publishers accelerate content creation and speed to market.

With technology at the helm of transformation, we, at Amnet, have fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration. Our dedicated team brings a collective experience, spanning over 25 years, of creating digital solutions for the publishing industry. Combining our digital and domain expertise and business knowledge that are underpinned by a customer-first approach, we offer reliable and cost-effective solutions that help you create content that is compatible with and easy to distribute across digital channels.

Amnet’s scholarly digital publishing solutions and services help you adopt a truly digital-first publishing workflow, enabling you to produce rich, user-friendly, flexible, and modular content in a variety of formats ready to be delivered across leading platforms.

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